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Are You Suffering From E.D.?  (4-12-2010)

                                                End-times Dysfunction, also known as Eschatology Dysfunction, or ED’s Syndrome (named for Ed Smith, Captain of the Titanic), affect tens of millions of Christians worldwide.                                          
  The condition is only worsened by lack of theological nutrition. A high-chartohydrate diet consisting of dramatized end-times fiction and fanciful “prophecy” charts left behind from the sawdust trail and big-tent revival manias leaves Christians vulnerable to theologies built on emotions and fears rather than sound Biblical exposition.  

NOTE: The above link is an article from the Postmillennial perspective. Still not correct, but in many ways closer to the correct Amillennial interpretation. It has some very interesting observations about how Premillennialism (literal 1,000 Year interpretation) can distort the Christian's worldview.



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